Why Settle for Second Best?

Just in the past week, I have spoken to several women who are crying out with desperation for a relationship. The old “child chant”-‘he loves me…he loves me not’…sometimes rings as if to haunt throughout a woman’s life. In our chant there is a longing to receive that “one true love”. “What threatens this nation is the fact that many people have become so frustrated that they have altered the Master’s plan to fit their own situation and needs(TD Jakes).” Consequently, we have lovers and do not really love, and we rush ahead of God to find our own “true love”, when the real love that God meant for us to be with has to settle for a second best, and what is even worse so do we. “That is what we do when we enter into “pseudo” love affairs. They mimic marriage and actually mock it. I realize that many of these pseudo relationships are sincere and meaningful to the participants. But, it is possible to be sincerely wrong (TD Jakes quote).” I always tell the girls wait patiently for what is best for you, refuse to settle for second best!!!