Are You Free?

Freedom! My first inclination was to simply post the word freedom, then leave your definition up to you! Freedom is what you determine it to be. Freedom of choice, to think , act,  speak the way you want to in any environment. Absence of domination, self rule, autonomy, not to be enslaved, to be released , delivered, liberated. Freedom to not be subject to, or affected by another person, place or thing. Independent of fate or necessity , breathing space, elbow room, latitude, free rein, carte blanche………the list goes on and on. Are you free? I was not free for the many years that I lived in abuse. I was in bondage to another person’s demands , wishes and desires. What is worse, I had learned to accept the entrapment- as so many other people have. There is a plateau that is reached emotionally- where one sees no other way out and therefore adopts acceptance that this is the way things are going to be. You feel trapped!

There is freedom , there is a way out! You do not have to be programmed to the wishes and desires of other people places or things anymore! Find yourself again! Start your new life and define what it is about you that you have missed, and fight to regain all that you have lost!!!! Refuse to let people , places and things to keep you in bondage anymore!!! Be free!