Survivor’s Ode

It is my love that I am looking for.
I am standing at the door..I choose to walk in.
My head is drenched from the evening dew.

I have so much love to give, he has stolen my heart.

He convinces me that without him I am nothing, I can never find a way.

He twists my thoughts..I am it true?
He takes away my dignity, my pride….
Could this be my love who has stolen my heart?
He has taken away my courage and my confidence…I feel so hopeless..
So hard to believe…I allowed this…he has stolen my soul.

My heart stood still when he spoke to me..when I closed the door… my darling disappeared… there was no love at all….then I was alone in my pain.

So I called out your name…..yes, I  called out your name…you took away my shame.