What is brokenness to you? Is it something that is necessary for growth, life, or our faith? I am not talking about breaking someone’s person, as what happens in abuse. “There is a physical brokenness that is the result of human despair. I’m talking about bereavement, emotional pain, anguish that comes from physical afflictions. Yet the brokenness spoken of by Isaiah and the Psalmist refers to something other than human despair. They are speaking of spiritual brokenness.” (Wilkerson 4/26/2010) This speaks of a grieving of our spirits that any of us can sense when we look upon people who are making lots of mistakes with their choices for their lives. There seems to be blindness on their part and nothing that anyone says will change the course of their actions- except, of course if they, (themselves) stop; realize that they are on a path to destruction, turn the other way and change the course in history, change the course of their destiny.” If only you had accepted the things I said to you! It would have brought you my peace, my hope ,and purpose for your lives.” (Wilkerson 4/26/2010) I see so many lives like this. Lives that never choose to receive the life that they are supposed to have,  it often makes me cry. “Brokenness is also humility, and contriteness, and we do need such brokenness to keep walking in faith.” (Wilkerson 4/10)