Peace Be Still

The coping methods that we search for to buffer the bumps in the road of our everyday journey need to give us some sense of peace, or serenity. Some of our coping mechanisms work very well, some are very unproductive. How do we know if our coping method is working? Ask yourself if the end result is strengthening you somehow, it may have covered the pain briefly, but maybe it has created an addictive pattern that is tearing you down instead of granting you more peace, strength, or serenity. For example, drug or alcohol addictions,or any other addictions are examples of unproductive coping techniques. Sometimes the ways in which we have found to cope has worked for years but as our lives transition, we have to also transition the ways in which we cope. Is the way you cope still bringing you peace of mind, peace of heart, or serenity in a way that strengthens and empowers who you are? It is something we are best to keep in constant review.

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