New Lonely?

never alone
Memories are a gift from God
We are living in different times today. People are threatening to turn you in- if you invite one too many people for Thanksgiving, though you know that people will carpool if they have to- to come together and share love and warmth at Thanksgiving. People have had to spend inordinate times alone during this pandemic. I am beginning to feel though, that this is a new lonely. It’s one thing to miss those you haven’t seen in sometime, and quite another to think it may be an indefinite time that will pass until you have the chance to see them again. I am thankful today, that with the gift of memory- our loved ones are always with us. With memories we are never alone! Knowing God is also a gift , He will never forsake us, He will never leave us, with God- we are never alone. In everything, give thanks!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This is Who I am

In James 1:19 it states: “My dear friends, You should be quick to listen and slow to speak or get angry.” I grew up lacking a good role model in this area. People around me were quick to get angry, no listening occurred, and unfortunately people spoke too quickly words that pierced my heart deeply.

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