Move forward …tomorrow is another day

I have been told some people never dream, you know while sleeping. Of course, perhaps they do dream when they are awake….daydream that is, but there are many of us who dream every night and also during the day. Some dreams are very important messages to us , though we may not be looking for a message- some dreams do seem to come to tell us something. Other dreams are as a result of something that we had filtered in to us that day be it food, condiment, movie, or an experience. Some people are like visionaries they are able to experience dreamlike visions while they are awake. These , I believe- are also messages to us.

Some people hold before them a strongly desired goal or purpose for their lives and this may be called a dream. As with the famous quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, ” I still have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live up to this promise that all men are created equal”….. I believe that his passion for seeing freedom ring from every mountainside, every hill changed history back in 1963. I believe its important to fan a flame on all your dreams,  “to write the vision and make it plain on tablets….”(Habakkuk 2:2) without a vision we become stagnant. The rest of that says so that the herald or runner can carry the correct message to others. Other translations say “that the one who reads- it may run with it. Those who lose their dreams , seem to stop running with the plan. It is important to always move forward, so refresh your dreams and look forward to tomorrow, there are many things that we need to do.


I had mentioned in an earlier post how much I enjoy autumn, it most definitely- is my favorite season of the year-(in upstate NY)! During a good year, you get some of the same benefits of summer only with a hint of harvest time in the air wherever you go! The garden’s begin to glow

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Sailing puts the wind to work, acting on the sails to propel the boat along. A good navigator will avoid sailing too close to the cliffs to maintain the safety of their ship, boat etc. Those cliffs are clearly potential obstacles in the way. When the boat is sailing smoothly, the wind beneath the sails,

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I live in Upstate central New York , so times of rest, warmth and serenity are often enjoyed when the summer breeze is blowing , and birds are crooning to their world, a beautiful song. There are so many shades of green…everywhere! Streams and lakes invite you to visit each peaceful oasis. We all take

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The journey that we are all on, takes us almost daily to a place- where we run into a door that we are not familiar with. Should we proceed through the door or should we knock first to see if someone will grant us a warning, a welcome, a greeting? Things that are unknown to

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