I live in Upstate central New York , so times of rest, warmth and serenity are often enjoyed when the summer breeze is blowing , and birds are crooning to their world, a beautiful song. There are so many shades of green…everywhere! Streams and lakes invite you to visit each peaceful oasis. We all take advantage of this weather to draw closer to nature, the woods, a campfire, stars in the sky  and each other.

It has been said that the usefulness of a tree is impacted by the chemistry of the soil where the tree was grown, the age of the tree and also the climate where the tree lives.  It is so much the same with people isn’t it? We are all impacted by our worlds as we grew up, as we age, and our climate- where we are pleased to dwell. Though impacted by all these things, the tree never loses it’s usefulness, it’s purpose, it’s strength, and it’s ability to continue to stand as long as it is alive. People , by the same token despite all given changes in their lives , may continue to maintain their usefulness, purpose, strength and their ability to stand as long as they live! Have a great summer always rejoice in being alive!


The journey that we are all on, takes us almost daily to a place- where we run into a door that we are not familiar with. Should we proceed through the door or should we knock first to see if someone will grant us a warning, a welcome, a greeting? Things that are unknown to

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Are You Free?

Freedom! My first inclination was to simply post the word freedom, then leave your definition up to you! Freedom is what you determine it to be. Freedom of choice, to think , act,  speak the way you want to in any environment. Absence of domination, self rule, autonomy, not to be enslaved, to be released

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New Beginnings For the New Year!

Fall is my favorite time of year , it is the end of something old and the beginning of something new. At least in Central New York all living plants either go into hibernation for the winter season, or the foliage dies off completely….in anticipation of a whole new life when spring comes! Do not

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Have The Time of Your Life

I always think that joy can change a moment. Am I choosing to embrace each moment with joy , as if it may be the last moment like this one? Do we think in the now or do we look over our shoulders with regrets and fears? Maybe we project ourselves into tomorrow or years

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