Where Does Your Help Come From?


Psalm 121:1-2 states “I look up to the mountains-does my help come from there? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!” For many years in my life I looked to man and myself to find my help and my strength, and I did not find it there.Many mistakes later I realized that I needed a savior who may help me find the strength that I needed to build trust in who I was and to sufficiently trust others.

I was abused from a very young age and this taught me that I was not safe. I had no ability to stop others from crossing into my space and hurting me or doing whatever they wanted to. I felt powerless. Over the years I have developed skills in boundaries which has given me the ability to feel more empowered in my life. It was my trust in God that gave me the strength to develop my own personal space and defend that space. I learned to say “no” to the bad.”The Lord tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made . I am adopted into His kingdom. I am not what the world says that I am. Where do you get your help from, what others say you are or what God says you are?

Beautiful Day To Hope

Hope literally means to have a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, grounds for believing that something good may happen. A sense or a feeling of trust. In this uncertain world , each one of us looks daily for this sense of expectation, or trust that something good is going

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Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus

As we celebrate this Easter As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus-” this certain hope of being saved is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls, connecting us with God Himself behind the sacred curtains of heaven, where Christ has gone ahead to plead for us from His position as our High

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What Can Be Seen From Heaven

Have you ever told the daylight to spread to the ends of the Earth? “Have you ever once commanded the morning to appear, and caused the dawn rise in the East? Have you ever told the daylight to spread to the ends of the earth, to end the night’s wickedness?” Job 38:13 In Contemporary English

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Let There Be Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Enjoy your friends and families- we have so little time on our journeys here! I love the song ‘Let There Be Peace On Earth, and let it begin with me….’I am thankful that Christ was born so that we may have peace, healing, deliverance and most of all salvation! When we think

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